Our Mission

Premiere Career College’s mission is to train students from a cross section of academic and economic backgrounds so that they can acquire skills and attitudes that will qualify them to work as entry-level employees of medical/business industries and government. Premiere Career College aims to achieve its mission by providing quality vocational training to all its students. This is achieved by:

    1. Providing a safe, comfortable and conducive-to-learning environment;
    2. Utilizing instructional methods which emphasize practical or hands-on training;
    3. Using state-of-the-art equipment and materials; and
    4. Hiring only dedicated and qualified instructional and administrative personnel.

It is also the objective of Premiere Career College to regularly assess its success in realizing its mission by constantly monitoring and analyzing the following:

    1. Knowledge and skills acquired by the student;
    2. Retention and placement rates; and
    3. Employers’/graduates’ satisfaction.

Premiere Career College, based in Irwindale, California, offers students a complete range of specialized nursing, medical and business career training programs.

Founded in 1991, Premiere Career College’s dedicated staff is committed to ensuring all students develop administrative, technical and language skills to secure and retain productive and rewarding careers in healthcare services and office administration.

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