Premiere Career College offers several specialized nursing, medical and business career training programs, designed to provide you both effective theory and practical experience, so you can quickly and thoroughly prepare for the career you desire.

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Our career training programs utilize a highly successful cooperative learning approach, which encourages team participation and study groups to reinforce learning activities.

Plus, as a student and graduate of Premiere Career College, you will benefit from our Career Development and Placement Assistance Services, which are based on the latest information and techniques, and current market needs—all in a bid to provide you a competitive edge.

Premiere Career College offers equal opportunity without distinction or discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, or Vietnam Era veteran status in any of our academic programs or activities.

As a graduate of Premiere Career College, you must have the legal right to accept employment in the United States. Graduates who are not citizens must produce current proof of ability to accept employment, for example, a green card, work permit, or a letter from the INS showing valid “A” number or permanent residency.

Foreign students

The Enrollment Agreement should be forwarded to us at least 90 days in advance of the selected starting date of the program. Please note, it’s unlikely immigration authorities will grant foreign students permission to be employed during school. Therefore, as a foreign student, you should have sufficient funds to cover tuition, fees, supplies and living costs.

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